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CareStar, Inc. (CareStar) is a private, Ohio-based healthcare corporation which provides home and community-based case management services in government, agency and residential operations. CareStar is the contracted case management administrator of the Ohio Home Care Program and HOME Choice through the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services (ODJFS).

A former employee ominously warned, "Run, run away! CareStar talks up a good talk, but reality you will be working at least 60 to 80 hours a week extra, unpaid. You will be driving hundreds a miles a week and only getting 40 cents a mile. Health insurance is a very high deductible you will never reach unless you get cancer. Your caseloads will be very high and you will need to be on call for 24 hours and weekends all the time and only compensated about $20 extra in pay. Impossible to take PTO as there is no one to take over your cases. You will be harassed by clients with severe medical and psych illnesses."


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Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"The nation has truly been presented with challenging and unpredictable events over the last few weeks. Because CareStar is in the healthcare business, employees are considered essential and CareStar continues to take care of those we serve, who happen to be the most vulnerable populations. As our core values state, service is the essence of our leadership and our employees are responsible for supporting each other and serving others, while staying focused on achieving results in line with CareStar’s values and organizational integrity. We serve the most vulnerable populations who need us now more than ever. CareStar has taken the necessary precautions to protect employees during the COVID-19 pandemic. We are following the recommendations of the Governor’s Order where home and community-based organizations are designated as essential employees and as such, business has been conducted as usual in the office. We have kept employees informed through updates from the CDC, the nation’s health protection agency, the States in which we operate, our contract partners and the individuals we serve to ensure the individuals we serve, and our employees are safe. Fortunately, 90% of CareStar’s employees already work from home and every employee has access to the necessary telecommunications and web-conferencing tools. For the 10% of employees who are required to work in office buildings, we have plenty of office space, where most employees have a private office and employees who are not in an office are separated from each other by a cubicle wall or are appropriately distanced with more than six feet between them. The individuals we serve are not seen in our office space. There is no direct patient contact. Frequent handwashing is highly encouraged, and all employees are provided access to disinfectant sprays and hand sanitizers, as precautionary tools. All bathrooms are private. Employees are also allowed to wear face masks, if they feel the need to use one. CareStar is entrusted with the health and safety of over 15,000 individuals served through 18 different contracted programs and over 400 employees across Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky, Georgia and Pennsylvania. We take this responsibility very seriously and that has not changed during this challenging pandemic."

Former Employee - RN Case Manager says

"CareStar not only appreciates positive feedback, but also welcomes the unfavorable. It is when we hear this feedback that we can focus on the areas where we may lack attention and find ways to address and improve employee satisfaction. There is no doubt that the nature of the work presents challenges, such as working remotely, working in the community, driving to visit the individuals served. However, these challenges also provide great opportunity, such as working from home, providing flexible work schedules and positively impacting the communities in which we live and work. CareStar helps mitigate these challenges through various programs and philosophies. Our mileage reimbursement rate is continuously surveyed to provide reimbursement representative of the amount of driving our Case Managers do. Driving is taken into consideration for caseloads and compensation programs. CareStar is committed to continuously monitoring these numbers to be able to provide the correct reimbursement rate for our Case Managers. Since most of our employees are field-based, CareStar does take a pause (twice per year) to come together in our Company Update Days – a mandatory day for all employees to hear about the great things that CareStar is doing externally and internally, as well as to hear about the strategic outlook for the Company. This day is looked upon as a day of gathering and meeting with fellow field-based employees and is always anticipated and enjoyed by all. Our Total Compensation package, including base compensation, supplemental pay based on caseload and health and wellness benefits, is reviewed at least annually to offer the most comprehensive, competitive rates for our employees and is above market per published data. The salary offered by CareStar is a result of a Compensation Analysis that considers the current market, program numbers, as well as education/experience. To address the additional caseloads that are occasionally taken on by Case Managers, CareStar created a Supplemental Pay System that helps leverage the extra cases that managers at times must take on. Despite the fact Case Managers take on additional cases during growth periods, or when a Case Manager leaves the organization, caseloads are not above State guidelines, and in many Programs where State guidelines do not explicitly exist, caseloads are known to be lower than our competition. Part of CareStar’s compensation package includes yearly pay increments based on performance reviews, a generous 401k match, and a highly regarded Employee Stock Ownership Program to help assist with retirement. CareStar also offers 15 days per year of PTO to start, which can increase to 25 days, and observes 10 holidays per year. We believe these are just a few of the perks of working for CareStar. Although many of the aspects of working at CareStar mentioned in this response have been available at CareStar for a number of years, others are new to the organization and are the result of feedback just like yours. CareStar is proud to perform the work we do, which impacts peoples’ lives, and proud of the work experience provided to employees, but know we can be better. We are working every day to achieve this."

Former Employee - Former Employee says

"Horrible insurance, low has mileage reimbursement,"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"New Leadership has an agenda"

Current Employee - Carestar Case Manager says

"Expectation that you carry large caseloads. Families transferred to case managers without ever telling them and worse, not telling the families. Difficult to begin work with people you hardly know. Families get angry and take out their frustration on us."

Former Employee - Support Service Coordinator says

"There are no cons in this job"

RN Case Manager (Former Employee) says

"carestar talks up a good talk, but reality you will be working at least 60 to 80 hours a week extra, unpaid. You will be driving hundreds a miles a week and only getting 40 cents a mile. Health insurance is a very high deductible you will never reach unless you get cancer. Your caseloads will be very high and you will need to be on call for 24 hours and weekends all the time and only compensated about $20 extra in pay. Impossible to take PTO as there is no one to take over your cases. You will be harassed by clients with severe medical and psych illnesses."

Independent contractor (Former Employee) says

"Awful place. No respect. No benefits. Bad place to work. Paid on 1099 must pay your own taxes. No time off. And work alot more hours for free or they can fire you.NoneEverything"

Case Manager (Current Employee) says

"Moving on from this company after many years of hard work and dedication was not easy, but it is time to make a change. If you had asked me 3 years ago- I would say I am here until retirement but that is gone. There is no teamwork outside my team. There is no communication outside my team. Your hard work is NEVER enough. There are no kind words, no thank you's and long term hard workings employees are the first to get the axe. I am not a slacker- I work 50 hours a week- every week. The job is impossible to do. When you leave- there is a 6 month non-compete which is enforced. You will not work in healthcare for months in any community setting- be prepared for that. It is sad that this good company has fallen into the state it is in. If you need job security, benefits, respect, then this is not the job for you.the people i worked witheverything else"

Case Manager (Former Employee) says

"Never in my life have I witnessed a more cut throat leadership environment. Morale is beyond low, but everyone is afraid to speak up as you are targeted and often publicly shamed. Pay has been cut for long term employees, but workload is greatly expanded. Nothing you do is good enough. Management is not in touch with field staff and will not speak up when Leadership makes yet another change that impacts quality of work or puts your license at risk. Vacation days are meaningless as there is no one to cover your load while you attempt to take a sick day or family day. There is zero room for advancement, and you will more than likely never receive a raise. The company was not like this before. You begin your work day well before 7 and often work late into the night just to make minimum work loads. There is a $10,000 insurance deductible. Yes, $10,000. If you interview- ask directly about the length of contract time for the work you are applying. Be specific. Check your facts.fellow employees who tryoverworked, no time off, covering large areas with massive travel"

Case Management (Former Employee) says

"Little to no room for professional growth and development. HR is not supportive. Great client population. Company is not forthcoming about policies and procedures.Okay compensationSurplus of work with not enough workers"

Ohio - Case Assessor/Case Manager (Former Employee) says

"Company was more concerned about the contractual requirements versed their employees. All caseloads were extremely high, to high to be able to submit quality work."

Case Manager (Former Employee) says

"Run, don't walk, away from this company. Stressful beyond belief. There is a need to work 16 plus hours daily and time worked on weekends and holidays to try to keep ahead of the workload. The management team doesn't appreciate time spent working non stop and uses boorish management practices to make employees feel as though their jobs are at risk if they can't keep up. When I say the caseloads are ridiculous, I am in no way exaggerating. Constant assessments and huge caseloads that are impossible to manage are typical. Not a good place to work!Salary and Clients ServedEverything else!"

RECOVERY MANAGER (Former Employee) says

"Management staff at CareStar does not value the contribution of its team members. They are not caring & do not recognize when employees are going above the call of duty, even when employees are sacrificing family time to meet their high productivity standards (which the employees must log hourly & submit) "Well, that's why we pay you on salary". Oh, and there is not enough time to talk about the dishonesty and underhanded behavior displayed by both Management and favored Direct Support staff. I ONLY recommend CareStar as a place to work if you are facing financial hardship and need employment. Because you're salaried, they have the liberty to send you to work in the neighboring state at your expense."

Case Manager (Former Employee) says

"They offered very little training, the director wanted to micro manage, it was horrible! They are only interested in making money and could care less about their employees or customers."

Emplyee (Former Employee) says

"Talk a good game, but not stable. No communication, even when constantly asking for it. No job stability, from day to day due to funding, worked there for 6 months and go laid off; told it was due to work force reduction, and then they posted everyone's job that got laid of 6 weeks later to re-hire. We where told we could re-apply for our jobs, but it was not guaranteed we would be hired back.Team membersHorrible insurance, low gas milage reimbursement, no raises dut to new CEO"

Case Manager (Former Employee) says

"Was hired, given a raise then laid off. You are unemployable for 6 months if you leave this company for any reason. No job security, company is unstable most of the time. Everyone is worried about lossing their job everyday, no communication and you feel like you can't ask question due to backlash. Co-workers where fun and great to work with, managers not so much. They need to hire people that know what they are doing instead of letting people come from other programs and having no idea what kind of people they are dealing with in new programs. This company only cares about money instead of taking care of people in need.Working from home, co-workersLow mileage rembursement, horrible health insurance"

Case Manager (Former Employee) says

"Fast-paced job, always work to do, however continually asked to make visits for other case managers. It doesn't matter how far you live, you knew you would have to make visits when you took the job. Others should not be asked to make someone else's visit just because they are closer to the person. If the person is on your caseload, you are responsible for the visit, no matter where the person is.Flexibility of scheduleTraveling time is horrible, high turn-over rate for case managers, asked to do others visits/work."

RN Case Manager (Former Employee) says

"Poor benefits. A lot of change constantly with management. No job security. Low feeling of support while out in the field. Great co-workers though."

Infrastructure Manager (Current Employee) says

"Compensation, excluding benefits is above average. Executive Management is detached from workforce and only cares about the bottom line. Employees are expected to work long hours without compensation. Upper management can be intimidating and boorish. CareStar pays above industry normsHealthcare, Hostile Work Environment"

Case Management, Licensed Social Worker (Former Employee) says

"This company would want you to work in other programs the company contracted with without proper training. Carestar would expect you to work with a full caseload in addition to taking on additional work responsibilities.Working from homeExtremely high work loads, poor training"

Case Manager (Current Employee) says

"Don't expect praise from the new top dog. Salary is good if you aren't paid per client. Can change unexpectedly. No contraceptive or weight insurance.salary, home officeNew administration, lack of support for employees, no healthcare contraception"

Recovery Manager (Former Employee) says

"Very disappointed with my experience with CareStar. I declined insurance which had a $5,000.00 deductible before anything would be paid INCLUDING prescriptions. CareStar is not all-inclusive to learning styles. There is little to no opportunity to write training notes. Web site is disorganized and not typically step-by-step, but workers are referred to find their answers there. There is no helpful loose-leaf manual which would be invaluable to reference. On 1st day You are skyping at a fast-pace to get work phone connected through IT and other set-ups. You will need to buy your own scanner (helpful to buy one with printer) Your work phone is likely not going to work properly. I was receiving a previous worker's e-mail faxes with no resolve.You will not know what to expect until your first will only have a tiny CareStar book, a work laptop, work cell phone and GPS tracker sent to you prior to 1st day. with and"

Care Manager (Former Employee) says

"Work from home, freedom of making own schedule, easy to speak with managers and co worker. Constant stress of thinking I might lose my job tomorrow due to state funding and contracts falling through. Horrible medical coverage and co workers and managerlow mileage reimbursement, bad medical coverage"

Clinical Manager (Current Employee) says

"I've worked at CareStar more than 10 years. They just handed out salary adjustments that take me back to my salary at entry point. We do not have enough staff, so we are not allowed to take time off. There is no reward for hard work. Everyone is looking to leave.MileageUnrealistic expectations, low pay, poor management"

Independent Provider (Current Employee) says

"pay is cut every few month, the slightest mishap can get you a costly fine. rules are always... always changing and sometimes you may not even get a paycheck. but for what hours I get, my pay is considerably nicer than what most make. there is no benefits of any kind.its not hardabout 98% of the job isnt worth the time." is a non-profit organization and communications forum for social activism. This website allows users a voice to share their point of view online about what sucks in the world.

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